Revolutionizing bakery:

Unlocking the potential of Oleogels

for texture, wellbeing and sustainability

Luisa Rios, Ph.D. Research Scientist

In the ever-evolving world of baking, innovation is key to creating delectable baked goods that captivate consumers’ taste buds. Governments are implementing measures to limit the advertising and promotion of foods that are high in fat, sugar, and salt, in order to promote nutritious dietary choices (FDA’s Nutrition Initiatives, 2023) . As commonly known, saturated fats are linked to negative health outcomes, saturated fats are associated with obesity, inflammation, and other metabolic disorders (WHO Urges Governments to Promote Healthy Food in Public Facilities, 2021).

Introducing oleogel technology for low saturated fat in baked goods1

Oleogels, obtained from unsaturated oils, exhibit solid-like behavior similar to fats and can transform the bakery industry by providing texture, structure, and mouthfeel, while containing less saturated fatty acids than conventional solid fats (da Silva et al., 2023). Research has shown that substituting butter, margarine or fat spreads with oleogels could reduce calories without lowering the overall standard of the end product (Perța-Crișan et al., 2023). These gel matrices offer unique rheological behavior and improve stability in bakery goods, making them a promising ingredient for innovative and nutritious product formulations (Pehlivanoğlu et al., 2018). With the growing demand for sustainable food options, oleogels are set to transform the field of food science and the bakery industry, by possibly providing cost savings and convenience alongside their numerous benefits.

This technology can be used to replace traditional solid fats like butter, spreads, or margarine, offering excellent stability, impacting saturated fat content, and outstanding functionality in cakes and cookies. By incorporating oleogels into your recipes, you could achieve a tender, soft, and moist crumb in your final products, which is sure to be appreciated by your customers. The improved texture can be a strong selling point, as it adds to the overall sensory experience of your cakes, creating a memorable impression on consumers.

Our researchers explore oleogel technology’s core principles. Its impact on food science and bakery industries will likely grow, providing new options for  sustainable products. The oleogels produced with our technology showed a decrease in saturated fat content by around 65% compared to currently used fats in bakery products.

Revolutionize your cakes with Oleogels: Unleashing the power of innovation

Our oleogels demonstrated excellent density during creaming and beating, promoting air retention and potential cake expansion (Figure 1b). Despite an increase in density after beating with the use of oleogels, it consistently remained lower than the reference density. On the other hand, the cake expansion results, with our Oleogels showing similar outcomes to the reference sample. The application of the oleogel resulted in cakes with proper height, both in the center and at the edges (Fig 1c). Furthermore, sensory descriptive analysis of the cakes did not reveal significant differences between the reference fat2 base and the oleogels, validating the functionality of these prototypes in baking applications (Fig 1a). Experience the excellent  performance of these cutting-edge oleogels in your cakes today!

Figure 1. Comparative results in cake functionality between fat spread confectioner and oleogel. a) Sensory description, b) Density in creamer, c) Performance. 

Unlock the potential of your cookies with groundbreaking functional testing

The functionality of oleogels in cookies was tested, oleogels showed excellent performance in creaming density, outperforming the reference (Fig 2b). There were no noticeable sensory differences between cookies made with the reference fat and our oleogel (Fig 2a). Experience the true potential of oleogels, crafted with precision and innovation, for excellent cookie performance!

Figure 2. Comparative results in cookie functionality between fat spread confectioner and oleogel. a) Sensory description, b) Density in creamer.

Join Alianza Team and explore the full potential of oleogels in your bakery products. The use of oleogels in bakery applications can offer a range of advantages, such as improved texture and sensory properties and customizable fat content, ease of incorporation, and versatility in applications. Joining Alianza Team can provide access to experts who can guide the process of incorporating oleogels into formulations, enabling the creation of innovative and exceptional products that meet consumer preferences and market trends, with the latest research, development, and technical support. By using oleogels, bakery products can achieve great taste, texture, and consumer appeal.


1Observed for oleogel with 16% of saturated fat per 100 g vs the reference: fat spread with saturated fat between 38 – 44%.

2Fat spread with 44% of saturated fat.


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