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Discover how to multiply profits and reduce costs in fried products

Complete the data in our profit and cost calculator to verify how our UltraFresh technology helps to enhance the performance and stability of conventional oils to achieve the same benefits as high-quality oils, at a reduced price

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Based on your answers, the cost and material reduction is as follows:
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Total volume of oil used [Tonne/month]*
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Hours between oil changes [h]*
Annual reduction in the use of oil [lb/year]
Ultrafresh technology ensures an improved stability of the oil, reducing the turnover in the process. The percentage of savings was estimated by comparing the price of high oleic sunflower oil with respect to the oil selected by the user with Ultrafresh adition. The oil prices were taken from a database. Reference
Costs reduction for oil use [%]
Savings estimated using HOSO as a reference
Reduced oil changes per year
Ultrafresh technology ensures improved performance, maintaining oil quality for longer periods, resulting in less turnover.
Waste reduction [drum/year]
Improved stability of Ultrafresh technology implies longer shelf life of the product

*The results obtained may vary according to the particularities of each process and the raw materials used.

*Estimated results. The UltraFresh calculator gives you an approximation based on the recorded values, the final result may vary due to factors that are not considered in the process.

Please note that the results provided by this calculator are subject to change and rely on the applications of technology. Variations in results may occur due to factors such as processes, raw materials, tools, and other external agents. For more information, please contact our team.

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Complete the data according to your specific use case
Based on your answers, our recommended solution is:
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Costs reduction due to the reduction in packaging barriers [%]
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